The Arabidopsis mitochondrial proteome project (1996-2004)

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An Arabidopsis thaliana mitochondrial proteome project was started for a comprehensive investigation of mitochondrial functions in plants. As a first step the proteome of mitochondria isolated from suspension cell cultures was characterized by high resolution 2D gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry. Currently the proteomes of selected Arabidopsis knock-out mutants concerning nuclear genes of mitochondrial proteins are under investigation in our laboratory.
Lothar Jänsch, Udo Schmitz and Hans-Peter Braun

Characterization of outer mitochondrial membrane proteins from Solanum tuberosum (potato)

Two-dimensional resolution of outer mitochondrial membrane proteins from Solanum tuberosum by Blue-native / Tricine SDS polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (Jänsch et al. 1998, J. Biol. Chem. 273, 17251-17257). 

One dominant protein complex of 230 kDa forms part of the outer mitochondrial membrane: the "preprotein translocase of the outer mitochondrial membrane", also called the "TOM complex". In potato the TOM complex consists of at least 6 subunis of 36, 23, 9,8,7 and 6 kDa. Three of the subunits were identified being counterparts of the fungal TOM40, TOM20 and TOM7 proteins. The 10 kDa protein was proposed to correspond to fungal TOM22 (Macasev et al. 2000, Plant Physiol. 123, 811-816).

See also a 2D gel of the TOM complex from Arabidopsis thaliana